Our Booth - - - creates fun at your event!, keeps guests entertained!, adds to your celebration!


It's a Photo Booth, Only More Social!

A Uniquely Original™ Style of "Open Air" Photobooth.

It can do things most Photobooths can't. LED trim to match your event colors!

Keep your crowd engaged & having fun!

Photo Booths are fun! But most are "old school". An enclosed box that takes up floor space and prints out 2" x 6" strips to put in an album. What happens to that album in a year or two? Where is it? Do you look at it?

Green Bay Photo Booths allows you to send photos to text, email or social media for you to always have on your phone or email! You can select different types of filters from color to black and white to retro, pastels and more! If you want select Virtual Props or write something on the screen!

You can also select printing as a 4x6 custom designed template. No narrow strips! At the end of the night get all your templates and all your pictures on USB sticks!

It is an "open-aire" style. No box to go into, no curtain to close. The screen is not a small iPad, or tablet. Walk up and just follow the directions. You'll have access to filters, social media, printouts and "Virtual Props"! Pricing starts at $699.

What We Offer With Our Style of Booth!

Text The Photo!

Included at no cost with any Social.Virtual.Booth! Take the pics, choose the photo arrangement you want to send, and text it to yourself, or a friend

Send It By Email

You've got choices that you can select to send your pictures. Take the pics, select the photo arrangement you want, type in the email and press ENTER!

Virtual Props?

The props are virtual and and are on the screen. Drag, drop, stretch them to fit where you want them! Hats, glasses, hair, bowties and more!

Filters! !

Before taking your photos, select what picture type you want. Sepia, Color, Black and White, Glam, Beauty Filters and more!

Social Media

Client can select options to be used. For example, choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Texting, eMail and more!

Can I Still Print?

Yep. Select how many pictures you want on the touchscreen. Done printing in 7 secs, And, all the prints are 4"x 6"!

Some Event Template Styles

An originally designed 4x6 template can be done for each event! Large enough you can frame them! Some are B/W, Sepia, and Pastel filers. A couple below with Virtual Props!

- Green Bay Photo Booths Provide -

The Service

Delivery, Set Up and Takedown. Small Area Set-Up (approx 4'x4'). On-site Hotspot for text, email and media sending. Two sets of USB sticks containing actual photos, and the template photos for you to keep!

The Equipment

Photo Lab Quality Printers (if chosen). 4" x 6" printouts everytime in under 10 seconds. Studio Quality DSLR camera for sharp pictures and 20" touch screen, not a small iPad or Tablet. Gallery lighting to see your pose before the flash!


The Software

Custom Designed template for each event. Select, 1, 2 or 3 photos for your template. No small strips that are hard to see. Animations between photos! On-Screen Filter styles and Virtual Props to select from.

Experience Green Bay Photo Booths!

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